Pingyang Kaida Packing Machinery Factory is a joint venture enterprises which is directly belong to the administration County Technology Bureau. We do scientific research, production, management all in one. Developing and producing plastic processing machinery for more than thirty years. We devote on high technology and practical research, has obtained 23 national technology patents. Our patent products are cement bag laminating machine, chemical bag making machine unit, plastic woven bag /color film laminating machine, non-woven bag laminating machine, paper MORE>>

  • 伟德体育_SJDF-1000 Type Double Extruder
  • 伟德19461111_SJDF-1000 type BOPP Film and PP
  • 韦德娱乐1946_SJDF-3200 Ultra wide laminating
  • 伟德娱乐_Barrel Screw
  • 伟德体育_Non Woven Fabric Laminating Mac
  • 伟德19461111_SJDSF-2500 Type Jumbo Bag /Wate
  • 韦德娱乐1946_SJWF-1000 Type Mesh Bag Logo La
  • 伟德娱乐_Automatic Bag Collecting Machin
  • 伟德体育_SSJF-1000 Type Double Extruder
  • 伟德19461111_SJDF-1000 Type Double Extruder
  • 韦德娱乐1946_YQ-600/1000 type multi-function
  • 伟德娱乐_SJDF-1000 type BOPP Film and PP

Address: under the pingyang county, zhejiang province town of the aojiang pu road no. 93
(across the county electric power building)

The company's headquarters
Contact:0577-63627979 63629111